Feb 3, 2010

[Gadgets] The Geek Needs A New Phone

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Recently, my trusty old Sony Ericsson W660i has been acting weird on me. Sure, the problems with its proprietary plug for headphones was annoying enough given it no longer stays in place, now I seem to be unable to consistently send out text messages (SMS) via Globe. While I know that Globe Telecom has been experiencing major network issues ever since Typhoon Ondoy and probably ever since more and more people have picked up iPhones, I've noticed that I seem to be having more trouble than most.

So this geek is finally considering getting a new mobile phone after almost three years of working his Sony Ericsson to the bone. I've never been one to really push mobile phone limits in terms of my acquisitions in favor of something sturdy, reliable and efficient and so I rarely change my phone unless it's absolutely necessary.

I mean come on, I was perfectly happy with my Nokia 5110 for most of my college days. As much as I'm a major geek, I've never really been one to be picky about my phone.

The first impulse of my friends is to joke about why I don't own an Android phone just yet given my eternal devotion to Google as a brand. The thought did occur to me, but I'm not all that sure if I want to get into the smart phone market. I do want to have mobile browsing options so that may be worth considering.

Okay - this is going nowhere. Allow me to rank my mobile phone needs in order, with 1 being the most important:

1. Sturdy
2. Battery life
3. Comfortable (easy?) SMS interface
4. WiFi connectivity
5. Effective mobile browsing capability

And at my partner's suggestion, here's 5 things that are not so important to me:
1. Touch Screen
2. Dual SIM capability
3. High Megapixel camera
4. Expandable memory
5. Downloadable apps

So given this list of wants and items of little interest. I fell in love with the Sony Ericsson concept however the whole proprietary plugs and memory gets really old really fast. I may consider a Samsung phone since they look interesting or even an HTC phone if it doesn't get too costly.

I really don't feel comfortable returning to Nokia, unless you guys have some amazing reviews and experiences to share about your Nokia phone.

Leave your ideas in the comments and we'll discuss your suggestions next week!

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  1. Samsung released new phones, the B7330 looks cool, if you're okay with a QWERTY phone. Price is manageable for a phone like this. It's on a Windows Mobile platform, though, not sure if you're okay with that.

    I'll go look at the brochures my sister took home last time she went to the mall, baka may ok na new models. :)