Nov 26, 2009

[Contests] Google Wave Invites Up For Grabs!

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So I've been using Google Wave for about a month now and it's been pretty cool but of course a tad confusing at times. I think all new Google Wave users get that initial "Yay, I have an invite!" feeling that's quickly followed by the "Great, now what do I do with this?" notion immediately after. It's definitely a different concept that only really makes more sense when you have more contacts to Wave with - this is a social communication tool after all.

To get a better idea of what Google Wave promises to be, check out this video:

What is Google Wave?

So I was surprised to find that I've been given 28 Google Wave invites and given it's Thanksgiving, it only makes sense to share the love with all you Geeky Guide readers! But let's make it a little more interesting in terms of how you can get a Google Wave invite.

So to get a Google Wave invite, you can do any one (1) of the following actions:
1. Write a blog entry about what you would do with Google Wave and link back to The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything in your post.
2. Share some Geeky Guide love on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk or any other social network by posting a link to this blog for all your friends and email me a screenshot of this once you're done!
3. Ask me really nicely by offering me coffee, dates with hot celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal or shower me with Transformers love, LOL!

Okay, so the third one isn't really a good way to get an invite, but you know that I won't say no to those kinds of advances, haha!

If you do any of the above actions (yes even action #3), let me know your preferred gmail address by sending an email to contests [AT] using "Google Wave Invite Contest" as your email subject and a quick note introducing yourself and how you found out about this little "contest" of sorts.

So go on! Start blogging and I definitely look forward to hearing more from all of you!

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