Sep 21, 2009

[TV] Favorite Emmy Moments 2009

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The Emmys may not necessarily as "big" as the Oscars every year, but it doesn't make it any less important. Celebrating the successes of the small screen (figuratively speaking) is always a great reason to gather and the Emmys have always found interesting ways of celebrating their brightest moments.

This year, a lot of buzz went around Neil Patrick Harris hosting the event given the inevitable cameo of his online sing-along blog character, Dr. Horrible. Instead of just him appearing alone, he had the entire cast with him discussing the end of television and the rise of internet-based entertainment:

#2 - Dr Horrible on the Emmys

But I have to admit what I really enjoyed more was this tribute featured on the Daytime Emmys this year celebrating 40 years of everyone's favorite children's program, Sesame St.

Yes folks, it's actually been 40 years. WOW.

Daytime Emmys Sesame Street Tribute 8/30/09

Oh yes, television will always be amazing in its own right and here's to hoping for even better shows in the years to come!

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  1. oh, and did you catch Jim Parsons's slip up? that must've been embarrassing. hahaha!