Sep 23, 2009

[Gaming] Moo Moo Generation X

Moo Moo Generation XIn this post-DotA world, it's hard to gain attention as an independent map maker. Sure, the WarCraft 3 user community is pretty big so there's a lot of chances for anyone but at the same time it can get tricky to get noticed. Still, there are just cases when you find yourself in the right time and place and you stumble upon some pretty interesting maps.

I'm a big tower defense kind of guy - again something I can positively attribute to my current partner. There's just something about Tower Defense style games that appeals to me and the whole defending against the mighty hordes concept will never get too old for me. Maybe it's because of my fantasy-inspired love for epic battles or something. Whatever.

Moo Moo Generation X is yet another custom map for WarCraft III. Similar to Defense of the Ancients, it utilizes the heroes in an alternative manner in order to give them greater prominence and of course more powerful abilities. However instead of fighting against an opposing team while defending your base, this time it's a strictly cooperative game where you defend Thunderbluff (our "Moo Moo") from wave after wave of enemies.

You still get to level up your hero, buy and customize items and all that in order to boost your character's chances of defeating the hordes that threaten to kill your Moo Moo. There's no opportunity to run out and destroy the enemy base or anything since there isn't one - the enemies just keep swarming in at regular intervals and that's that.

If you manage to survive the waves of attackers, the game switches into a sort of mission mode where you need to accomplish several quests around the map in order to finish the game. This also results in more powerful legendary items and the like.

The game isn't much fun when played alone and I'd strongly advise you only try this as a multiplayer map. The heroes are generally similar to some of the key DotA characters but there are differences. The same goes for items and expect the formulas to be rather different, although this interface is a lot friendlier in terms of telling you where to find the ingredients for higher level items. It clearly names the shops where you can purchase the prerequisites, thus making the whole experience a lot simpler.

If you like tower defense games, this becomes a nice modification to the WarCraft III gaming experience. If this is not your cup of tea, then you might fight it boring given the number of waves you need to survive and thus might be better of trying the other custom maps or just go back to DotA.

I like it since it's a game that lets you focus on more cooperative play and the feeling of mowing through so any enemies just feels pretty good at the end of the day, haha.

Moo Moo Generation X gets 4 children running around the map carrying items out of 5.

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