Aug 3, 2009

[Movies] Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cover of "Fantastic Mr. Fox"Cover of Fantastic Mr. Fox

I've been a Roald Dahl fan for quite some time and it seems his movies are often revisited in order for Hollywood to find something else to milk. Despite the clear monetary incentive involved in such productions, one can't help but enjoy them and the unique brand of creativity that is Roald Dahl.

When I saw this trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox, I totally freaked out since (1) it was a Roald Dahl story and (2) it involves stop-motion animation, which I have a bit of a thing for. Plus there are some pretty big stars involved, chief among them being Meryl Streep, who is just divine quite frankly.

But enough of this, just check out the trailer!

#4 - Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Trailer

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