Jul 10, 2009

[Movies] District 9 Trailer 2

I'm not sure what got people so excited about the number 9 this year, but it's clear that we have to major movies with science fiction overtones related to the number, and personally I'm pretty excited for both of them. On the one hand is the animated film "9", based on a short film released some time ago by Shane Acker and somehow involving Elijah Wood. The other is a larger-scale production called District 9, that really promises to knock your socks off. Then again, this film is being produced by Peter Jackson, so that does indicate some pretty heavy guns behind the scenes.

District 9 is the odd story about an alien race made to live in not-so-great conditions on Earth in some sort of a community / refugee camp called District 9. Of course something is going to happen to disrupt the status quo, but why listen to me? The trailer does a heck of a better job of showing you just how potentially awesome this film could be.

Oh, and did I mention the mecha-style power armor?

#12 - 'District 9' Trailer 2 HD

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