Mar 20, 2009

[Writing] We Tell Stories

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I've always been a fan of creative approaches to story writing, poetry and literature in general. With the countless possibilities offered by this digital age, there are just so many new ways of telling a story. There are those popular classic turned into Facebook-style news feeds and there are people posing as popular fictional characters on Twitter. There are various flash-based videos or YouTube-type streaming videos that freature new ways of presenting information and such - the list goes on and on.

Call me a late bloomer, but I finally got introduced to the Penguin Books project entitled, We Tell Stories, which is a collection of six different tales presented in rather alternative ways. I'm currently reading The 21 Steps by Charles Cumming, which tells the story using Google Maps and allows you to follow the character along as he makes his way across the U.K. It's rather brilliant and a great read for anyone.

It's a rather inspiring site and it really appeals to the writer in me. If only I could come up with ideas as creative as this in time in order to really get a message across! In the meantime, do take the time to visit the site if you're looking for a new literary experience.

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