Mar 28, 2009

[Environmentalism] Earth Hour 2009

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Today is March 28, 2009. Today is the big day for Earth Hour 2009.

For those unfamiliar with what today is all about, Earth Hour is a global movement to get people involved even in a limited way to fight climate change. To do this, willing participants are asked to turn off all their lights for one hour - this being Earth Hour. This year, Earth hour is scheduled for tonight at 08:30pm - 09:30pm local time, depending on where you live. It's just about turning off your lights, but if you want to go totally without electricity at the same time, feel free to do so.

It may not seem like much at the level of the individual, but of course everyone doing this together does make a significant impact on our electrical consumption. More so, it sends a strong statement in terms of how many people around the world are concerned about climate change and the continued reckless use of fossil fuels.

So make yourself felt tonight - turn off your lights during Earth Hour and let's hope that the message gets where its supposed to.

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