Feb 10, 2009

[ImprovEverywhere] High Five Escalator

We haven't been hearing as much from the crazy folks behind ImprovEverywhere apart from their annual No-Pants Subway ride a few weeks ago, so it was refreshing to see a new original video from them today.

This time around the "stunt" didn't involve a large number of volunteers, elaborate timing or grand spectacles. Instead it boils down to how people react to an unusual situation in an everyday setting. This consisted of a guy named Rob standing by the escalators of a subway station and offering to high five anyone passing by. There's a certain degree of trust implicit with such an activity and it's nice to know that despite how cautious we are as a species, we're still able to appreciate such circumstances and extend our hand in camaraderie and friendship.

Pretty cool.

High Five Escalator

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