Jan 12, 2009

[Finances] Saving Money in Plain English

If you've been reading the Geeky Guide to any period of time, you know I'm a big fan of the "...in Plain English" series of instructional YouTube videos from CommonCraft. I think ever since I discovered them, I've always made it a point to share their videos here as well.

This week has them doing a guide that's rather timely considering the economic climate - Saving Money in Plain English. It's not about simply making money or generating a ridiculous large amount of income but it's actually just about the benefits of saving money, period. This is something that a lot of people have forgotten the value of, even though it yields limited results over a rather long period of time.

It's worth the viewing if you've ever wondered how banks work and what interest is and that sort of thing. Check it out!

Saving Money in Plain English

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