Sep 1, 2008

[Videos] YouTube in 1985

It's a near-mystery how folks get into the Featured Videos listing for YouTube at times, although I think your personal interests also factor in to some extent if you enabled the saving of your video-viewing history. All that aside, I've noticed that more and more I tend to enjoy the featured videos appearing on my page so I don't think it's a total coincidence unless I just happen to think along similar lines as the YouTube editors / screening committee / whoever picks the featured videos.

Enter this simple yet pretty witty exploration of the idea "What if YouTube existed in 1985?" The 80's remains a period full of amusing stereotypes and cultural icons so you know that throwing in an idea as outlandish as this is bound to be pretty good.

I suppose it also helps that I kinda find the lead / director rather cute. Go figure. =P

YouTube in 1985 (collab)

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