Sep 18, 2008

[US Elections] McCain Campaign Untruths

John McCainImage via Wikipedia As much as I tend to post a lot of viral videos that I find interesting or that are topping sites like the Viral Video Chart, you may have noticed that more and more I tend to avoid posting all the political ads flooding the airwaves given I'm pretty much fed up. Sure, I'm not in the US and it probably shouldn't matter all that much to me but frankly the ads seem to be getting nastier and nastier between the Obama and McCain campaigns, and more and more the Republicans seem to be resorting to greater and greater distortions of the truth as the pillars of their campaign.

CNN did a short segment on many of the less-than-honest messages presented in many of the McCain-Palin political ads and speeches that just further reinforces my belief that this campaign has really gone to the dogs.

#7 - CNN Fact Checks McCain: Verdict He's Not Telling Truth

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