Sep 27, 2008

[US] Don't Mess With Dave

Late Show with David LettermanImage via WikipediaI'll always respect David Letterman as a late night talk show host. He may not be as universally appealing in terms of his sarcastic or often lowbrow brand of humor, but he is clearly an intelligent guy and one of the more skilled interviewers I've seen on television today. He really knows how to manage his guests and he can steer the conversation into rather interesting places.

Having politicians on the show is not an uncommong thing - in many cases it seems a key part of any campaign for anyone aiming for the higher positions in the US government. Such appearances are key to getting your message across to key demographics and at the same time showing the candidate's more "human" side to the average US viewer.

At the same time, you really don't want to cross these same hosts since they can steer public opinion the other way as well. Case in point - John McCain is now experiencing what happens when you cancel on Dave Letterman at the last minute, leaving Letterman to get back at the guy in the only way he can - by adding him into his routine for the days and weeks to come. Maybe it would have worked better if McCain had picked a better reason to cancel instead of needing to suspend his campaign in the interests of needing to rush off to save the US economy, hehe.

#2 - David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign

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