Sep 9, 2008

[Star Trek] German SciFi Channel Commercials

Considering how long I've been an active YouTube video viewer, it's amazing how many videos remain out there and just how many of them I've yet to see (and perhaps never will). You think that a geek like me with Google as a pseudo-extension of his intellect (come on, everyone does this, right) would have found the more interesting videos out there, especially those most related to my interests.

Still, it took the greater geeks at science fiction blog io9 to point me in the direction of some very amusing Star Trek commercials for the German SciFi Channel. Imagine that, the Germans had these back in 2006 (at least based on the YouTube post date). Thanks, io9!

"Star Trek" commercial (SciFi) - Part 2 Spock

"Star Trek" commercial (SciFi) - Part 1 Worf

"Star Trek" commercial (SciFi) - Part 3 Quark

"Star Trek" commercial (SciFi) - Part 4 Data

"Star Trek" commercial (SciFi) - Part 5 Enterprise

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