Sep 12, 2008

[CollegeHumor] The Really, Really Giving Tree

Cover to The Giving Tree, depicting the tree g...Image via Wikipedia I've always been a pretty big fan of the art and poetry of children's author Shel Silversten - there's just something about it that may seem whimsical and entertaining for children but so much more fulfilling for adults on different levels.

One of his most classic works will always be The Giving Tree, which is slightly an environmentalist poke but on the whole it's just a simply wonderful and endearing tale. Ironically enough, I've never owned a personal copy of this title, but I have read it time and time again, especially in school.

Now leave it to the quirky folks over at CollegeHumor to sort of twist things around into something a lot more mature, but still very funny and entertaining.

You could say the tree is such a sap in this story, hehehe.

The Really, Really Giving Tree

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