Aug 27, 2008

[Geeky Guide] Digsby Widget in Sidebar

Digsby on the Geeky GuideFor those of you who visit or read the Geeky Guide directly at, you may already notice the addition of the Digsby IM widget in the sidebar. As part of my on-going testing of the Digbsy multi-platform IM client, I've decided to test this particular feature as well.

In case you want to chat with me directly and talk about anything geeky like some of the reviews I've posted, a hot technology or gadget currently in development or something else along those lines, feel free to click on the widget to check if I'm online. It's a pretty interesting feature that allows you to connect directly to my Digsby client like any other IM client without the need to add me to your actual IM contact list. Thus if you're privacy-conscious or just have one question and don't necessarily want to add me as a "friend" on whichever IM service you use, this seems like a "safer" alternative.

Then again, if you already have my on IM somewhere, you probably don't need to use this widget, LOL.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon!

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