Aug 11, 2008

[Gaming] LEGO Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong promotional flier from 1981 showin...Image via WikipediaLike most geeks, I am (and no, it's not WAS) a major LEGO fan. There's something about the discipline of making something greater from individual pieces, the bringing or order to chaos, the nice way everything lines up and all that good stuff. All that adds up to something that is sure to make any geek feel better about the world.

Now combine that wholesome LEGO goodness with something as fun and innocent (?) as some of our old school games from the Nintendo Entertainment System era and you get this - a wonderful attempt to recreate the original Donkey Kong game using LEGO! It may not be perfect in terms of the timing of the barrels, but it's still pretty darned impressive either way!

LEGO Donkey Kong - front

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