Jul 6, 2008

[Viral Video Chart] I Met The Walrus

This interesting animated short is making the rounds of the viral video web after getting posted online somewhat recently. While it originally premiered in 2007 and garnered the Best Animated Short award from the American Film Institute along with an Oscar nomination.

I'm not sure why it's making waves now, but it would certainly be interesting to study how the trending jumped in recent periods. I guess this is why I continue to track and discuss viral videos - it's my meager attempt to try and understand how a video meme becomes popular enough to tip the viral video scales and become significantly watched / posted / discussedd - in a limited period of time.

If anything, at least this John Lennon interview is certainly a video worth viewing as compared to some of the sillier stuff that's made it to the top of the viral video viewing world.

#3 - I Met The Walrus
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  1. Great film, I was shocked at the quality of the animation. Here's another new Lennon video, a previously unreleased peace seminar from 1969.