Jul 23, 2008

[US Politics] McCain "Pump" Ad

Okay, so we know that when it comes to politics, anything pretty much goes and the fighting between candidates just gets nastier and nastier as the actual election draws near. Of course US politics on its own always draws a lot of attention given the amount of influence the country holds over the rest of the world and considering just how entertaining things get over there.

I mean take for example the current discussions around the New York Times not accepting McCain's Od-Ed considering they previously posted Obama's. It's not an outright rejection based on political lines but is more related to the way he chose to respond to Obama's Op-Ed, where he outlined his plan for Iraq. McCain was never known to be the sharpest tool in the shed after all. Just compare Obama's Op-Ed with McCain's and you'll see what I mean.

Now throw in his most recent political ad where he's trying to blame Obama for the current fuel crises. McCain's solution - drilling inside the US. Oh right, that's sooo going to work...

#6 - ¨Pump¨ TV Ad

November feels so far away now. =(
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