Jul 7, 2008

[Music] Jay Brannan - Housewife

Jay Brannan performs at Mercury LoungeImage via WikipediaIn case you're one of the few queer folk out there who have not had the chance to watch the amazing film Shortbus, then you may not be familiar with the delicately featured Jay Brannan. Yes, he was the threesome guy.

Well outside the world of Shortbus, he's a singer and songwriter based in New York City who isn't that bad at what he does. A friend of mine brought my attention to his official video for his latest single, Housewife, and I impressed by not just how hot he looks with his hair shaved, but more because of the poignancy of the lyrics and how they really feel specific to the gay man's single life.

In case you have no idea of who this young man is still, then watch this video and see why I like him not just as a pretty face, but also as a singer.

Jay Brannan - Housewife (official video)
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