Jul 27, 2008

[Movies] Waiting for Watchmen

Watchmen: Smiley
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Watchmen: RorshachI'm excited as heck about the Watchmen movie, aren't you? Unless you're Alan Moore himself, how can you not be looking forward to this film? Sure, comic book to movie translations can sometimes go terribly wrong, but at the very least we have Zack Snyder at the helm, the very same man who managed to bring Frank Miller's 300 to life in a way that clearly remained as faithful as possible to the original graphic novel.

It's the trailer that really did it for me - if you've read the comic book series (and you still have time to get a copy before March 2009 rolls around) then by now you must have reconized many key scenes from the original material that they've managed to recreate in a highly faithful manner. Oh, and if you still haven't even seen the trailer, then here you go (again)!

Official Watchmen Trailer

Watchmen: OzymandiasWhat makes Watchmen such a compelling story is the fact that while it's set in a world of superheroes (albeit, not necessarily very super ones), the point is not some big battle or amazing action but instead a deeper look a the workings of power and authority and just how far you'd go in the name of the greater good. It was originally told in a manner that was amazing complex but not necessarily complicated, layering many different elements into one striking creation. I can understand why Alan Moore never supports the film adaptations of his comic books - he puts so much effort into each one to ensure that he maximizes the storytelling potential for the medium.

Of course, we have quite some time to go before the actual movie rolls around. In the meantime, I've re-read the books and perhaps will continually re-read them until the movie comes. I just might be able to glean even more insights from this amazing work in order to better appreciate the film that is to come.
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