Jul 19, 2008

[Blogs] Just Beautiful Men

Just Beautiful Men

If you're one of my straight readers, I don't suppose this entry is for you. You might want to stop reading right now (as if the image above wasn't enough to dissuade you)

Like any other gay man, I admit that I give into using the internet to look for guys to ogle - whether it's a gay-oriented social-networking site, one of the harsher hook-up sites, Google Images, or outright porn for that matter. Hey, I'm a guy and I'm only human and so we go back to that classic line, "The Internet is for Porn."

It's been a while since I last featured a blog and I should probably get back into the habit of doing precisely that. In this case, this is definitely not a blog known for the power of its writing given there's not much to write about - a picture is worth a thousand words after all, right?

Just Beautiful Men is a blog with a very simple purpose - to showcase amazing photos of beautiful men in all their glory. From time to time you might be lucky to catch glimpses of Eric, the young man behind this photo blog not in terms of pictures but words that reveal more about his personality, likes, interests, that sort of thing. Not that I'm complaining about the other stuff, LOL - I think he's doing plenty well with what his blog mainly presents.

The blog is hosted on the Blogger platform and is naturally image-heavy. Although I've yet to see any full frontal nudity, I'd still tag this blog as NSFW unless you normally have pictures of beautiful, half-naked (or almost naked) men swimming around your work desktop, then you should be cool. Think of this as a more Western-focused version of Manila Gay Guy, although pretty much just photos and not much else.

Then again, there's NOTHING at all wrong with that, eh?
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