May 1, 2008

[Star Wars] Ewok Gospel Song

I know, I know, I'm in one of those video-posting moods. You have to give me some credit - I'm been terribly busy during this US trip and have been flying back and forth between Los Angeles, California and Lubbock Texas. Don't ask me why - it's a work thing.

But the world of viral video has been pretty active as of late not just in terms of new movie trailers, but also in terms of strange and unique original content that appeals to a wide variety of markets. Of course there are the geekier ones that appeal to one of our chosen fandoms and this one is for the Star Wars lover in all of us.

Or at least someone who really digs Ewoks.

#20 - Star Wars Ewok Gospel


  1. Hey rOcky!

    We're really flattered that you liked our video enough to share with your readers. Thanks so much for the support! Keep watching!


  2. Hey, the kudos goes to you runawaybox! It's always to find original geeky content like your little video.

    Keep it up!

  3. Rocky,

    You might be interested in the Behind the Scenes of this video:

    Thanks again!

    -The Runawaybox Team