Apr 9, 2008

[Music] Madonna - 4 Minutes

I've been waiting for a stable version of this video to come out - most of the initial uploads were immediately pulled for copyright concerns (and I bet this one will share the same fate soon).

What can I say? I'm gay and I like Madonna (how stereotypical!). And yeah, I have those deep down dark moments when I have to admit that Justin Timberlake is sort of semi quasi hot. LOL

#9 - Madonna - 4 Minutes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


  1. Anything Madonna is good enough for me... I love the song.

    I am curious about the lyrics...

    No hesitating
    Grab a boy

    Go grab your girl"

    Is Madonna telling Justin to grab a boy? Explore his sexuality?? Well, Madonna grabbing a girl is nothing new in public... but hmm.. is there homosexual subtext in the song?