Mar 2, 2008

[Movies] Monty Python's Life of Brian

Monty Python's Life of BrianThe last of the Monty Python films that I downloaded and got to re-watch today was Monty Python's Life Of Brian, their take on the whole Messiah concept, although not necessarily Jesus.

I know, I know, there are definitely distinct similarities between the two but this is Monty Python after all, so let's assume they're completely different accounts that just happen to have a lot of coincidences. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Compared to the other two films ever created by the Monty Python folks, this is the one with the greatest adherence to some sort of a story, which is a bit odd. They didn't have disjoint sketches but instead had recurring characters and running gags, which worked pretty well, although it may not necessarily feel truly Pythonesque.

Life of Brian is yet another Python interpretation of a classic tale, this time being the whole Messianic pattern we tend to follow in Christian faiths. I can imagine people getting seriously offended by the film given its content, but let me remind you that it's nor really about Jesus - you just tend to make the association in your head.

See, wasn't that smart of them to do?

I liked this film a lot since it certainly had some pretty strong jokes all throughout the movie. One of my personal faves is how they handled the various rebel groups trying to plot against the Roman government and how they all pretty much bickered amongst themselves but mostly against the Judean People's Front, hehehe. Sorry about that - unless you've seen the film, I suppose that automatically becomes something like an inside joke.

Needless to say, I still found the movie rather funny, although nowhere near as funny as the Holy Grail, which will forever remain priceless. What can I say? I'm horribly corny that way.

If you like British humor as terribly dry as it can possibly get and you're able to put aside your religious fervor in order to enjoy a pretty funny satire, then you should be able to enjoy this film. If you can't accomplish the second item, then perhaps you better bugger off and not bother with this if you only plan to file a protest afterwards. The movie is almost 30 years old after all, so no sense getting all riled up for an old comedy.

I don't suppose this is much of a review. Then again since it's a Python movie, I guess it makes sense not to follow convention. =D

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