Mar 14, 2008

[GeekyScawl] A Return to Writing

Flickr: kalebdf - The Devil Will Find Work For Idle Hands
The Devil Will Find Work For Idle Hands
by kalebdf.

In July of last year, I started a short story that didn't have a real title and was just temporarily named the "Science Fiction Story". It was my initial attempt last year to get my fiction writing rebooted and it went along steadily until work pressures got in the way yet again.

Or was that really the reason?

I think given it was a short story, I think I became intimidated by actually ending it. It's been ages since I've really worked on one and to finish it was to fully subject it to criticism and I guess I wasn't as ready for that as I thought I would be. So far I posted Part One and Part Two and I really started thinking about what the heck will ever happen to Part Three.

So enough of this dilly-dallying and wasting time. With my US trip looming on the horizon, it'll be more practical to get some writing done as opposed to bringing a lot of books with me. I hope to finish this story and hopefully many others in the weeks to come and finally get back on that horse.

You're all more than welcome to come along for the ride.

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