Feb 4, 2008

[Viral Video Chart] January 27, 2008 - February 2, 2008

Surprisingly enough, the world of viral video has yet to really respond to the big news of the Microsoft bid for Yahoo. Sure, it's been only a few days but when you look at the top videos for the week, most of them surged to the top rungs towards the end of the week and not as a slow build-up over the week. It just goes to show how random viral video can be at times depending on who gets "infected" in a manner of speaking.

Still, what we're left with is pretty interesting all the same.

#1 - Barack Obama - Yes We Can music video

#2 - Frozen Grand Central

#4 - Sarah Silverman "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" on Jimmy Kimmel

#20 - Montel turns the tables on a Fox Morning Television show

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