Feb 25, 2008

[Entertainment] My Favorite Oscar 2008 Moments

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Oscar Cake
by PinkCakeBox.

Well, the 80th Annual Academy Awards is finally over. It wasn't the greatest of shows given the usually low-key and highly sarcastic humor of Jon Stewart, but at the same time they were really disciplined in managing everyone's speeches and the overall timing of the show. Then again, I think the show lost some entertainment value because of it.

Instead of just going over the winners, I thought I'd just focus on the show itself and pick out those moments and instances that really stood out for me.

Best Acceptance Speech - Hands-down this has to go to Tilda Swinton who managed to remain both classy and genuine in her speech that even managed to mention Clooney's nipple-augmented Batman suit.

Best Fanboy Moment - Kristin Chenoweth performing "That's How You Know" from Disney's Enchanted. Gods I love her to bits!

Scariest Dress - Diablo Cody's Jungle Jane dress that showed way too much leg as she walked.

Best Movie Montage - Jon Stewart's faux-montage for Binoculars and Periscopes. Oh yeah, it really moved me.

Significant Moment of Outrage - Brad Renfro NOT appearing in the roster of the dead from the past year.

Best Entrance Onto the Stage - John Travolta dancing onto the stage right after the last musical performance. Then he nearly slips on the same spot Russell Crowe slipped on.

Best Reading of an Introduction Speech - Helen Mirren introducing the nominees for Best Actor. All together now...Ambition...

Best Sesame Street Moment - Amy Adams introducing the nominees for Best Original Score with the help of the orchestra.

Snagging the Most Technical Awards From Fanboy Favorites - The Bourne Ultimatum for snagging Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing against the likes of Transformers and Ratatouille.

And our last pseudo award goes to...

Rudest Orchestra Moment - Cutting off Best Original Song winner Markéta Irglová before she could deliver her part of their shared acceptance speech. The even stopped and started the music up again. Kudos to Jon Stewart for bringing her back on stage (although probably at the direction of the show's producers).


  1. i love jon stewart for doing that and her speech was excellent...

  2. It was a very nice gesture, right?