Feb 20, 2008

[Books] For Love of Evil (Incarnations of Immortality - Book 6)

For Love of Evil (Incarnations of Immortality - Book 6)Given that I own 7 out of the 8 books of the Incarnations of Immortality series and the fact that I've gotten as far as book 5, then you know a book fiend like me is left without any other option than to continue on until the end.

Thus that brings us back to this point with the sixth book already completed and me already moved on to the last book that I have. For a longest time it was also the last in the series until Piers Anthony came up with an eighth book.

I really liked this sixth title though. It's certain special in its own right since it addresses an Incarnation easily taken for granted - that of the Office of Evil. It's easy to see Satan in black and white terms but already it was hinted at the end of fifth book that there's a lot more to the character of Satan than meets the eye. And thus this book fulfills that sort of movie-style To-Be-Continued feeling you get when the movie makes no secret of the possibility of a sequel.

For Love of Evil is the sixth book in the series and documents the life of Parry, a human sorcerer who is eventually to take on the Office of Evil, that of the Lord of Lies and who has been pretty much perceived as the "villain" in all the prior books. His character has actively sought to thwart the efforts of the other Incarnations aligned with Good and ultimately to bring more souls over to Hell.

Of course the book would be too simple in that manner and the series has been anything but conventional with every additional title. Thus instead of following the life of a man wrought with evil deeds and vile acts, we're introduced to a man of considerable talents, of sincere love and a unique perspective in life. He's a highly likable character and one you sincerely hope to succeed in his efforts despite his alignment with the forces of evil.

One of the more interesting aspects of the book is how Piers Anthony dealt with the fact that Satan has been highly active in all other books as this one-sided evil character. Given he started off by making Parry a somewhat appealing character, he balanced this off with Parry's side of the events and his justification for his actions and the many trials and tribulations he subjected the other Incarnations to as they entered their new offices.

For Love of Evil is definitely one of my most favorite titles in the series. While the prior novel was a bit more complex in terms of development and plot intricacy, this book had its own merits in terms of skillful navigation of all the prior plots while retaining the integrity of this version of Satan and everything previously established about the other Incarnations.

One more book to go and then I'll be temporarily done with the series! *gasps* Does anyone know where I can locally find a copy of Under a Velvet Cloak?

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