Jan 18, 2008

[Web] OpenID's New Friends

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by ShadowKris.

Recently, it seems more and more groups are getting involved in terms of supporting the OpenID initiative, which basically is an attempt to move away from proprietary logins hosted by a single company by using the credentials of one site to log into multiple sites. You might be most familiar with OpenID if you've been using sites like LiveJournal, which have been supporting the project for a while now to make it easier for non-LiveJournal users to leave comments and such. At the moment, a lot of the OpenID adopters seem to be in the blogging business for the most part, but that's slowly changing as of late.

Things started when Google first started testing OpenID commenting in their Blogger in Draft platform in November and finally moved this into full production by December. This opened up Blogger blogs to non-anonymous comments by Open ID users.

Now Yahoo has announced that it will be supporting OpenID 2.0 in public beta by January 30, 2008. This means that you can use your Yahoo credentials to log into OpenID-supported sites (like leaving comments on Blogger) although at this time it's not a two-way street; you can't log into Yahoo sites using OpenID credentials.

Quick on the heels of that announcement, Blogger in Draft is now allowing users to test using Blogger as an OpenID provider, which means that if you didn't have an OpenID before, now you can use your Blog*Spot site in that manner. The feature is only available in the Drafts version of Blogger, but I'm sure we'll be seeing it go live in the main environment pretty soon.

With these recent announcements related to rather big-name OpenID support, perhaps the initiative is no longer as idealistic as it used to be. Let's hope that more groups get involved in supporting the initiative and we can stop worrying about remembering so many logins.

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