Jan 16, 2008

[Viral Video Chart] Funny Kid Isn't Sorry About Huge Party

Okay, so by now you must have heard about Corey Delaney, the Melbourne 16-year old who threw a massive party that grew to include 500 people, who eventually resisted attempts by police to break up the disturbance. Sure, he faces a fine of $20,000 and his folks are going to rain righteous vengeance down on him one day but throw in that viral video connection and he becomes an internet celebrity!

As you watch this next clip, I'm sure you're going to be wondering about the same thing - is this interviewer for real? I mean come on, is this serious journalism? This kid just had some party snowball into something short of a full-scale riot and here she is trying to get him to take his shades of an apologize to the world?

Only in television, ladies and gentlemen.

#5 - Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party

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