Jan 7, 2008

[US Politics] Clinton on the Defensive

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Obama and Hillary
by nata2.

It seems to be that time of the month for Hillary Clinton. Or perhaps the past few months. Maybe she's stuck in one of the worst PMS surges in some time - something has to explain her increasingly vicious, bitchy and vindictive approach towards her campaign and how she handles her competitors in this long road to the November elections.

Sure, the victory of Barack Obama in Iowa, and perhaps more importantly her third-place performance in that particular caucus. With the clock ticking towards the New Hampshire caucus, you have to admit that Hillary is definitely getting a little feisty. Heck, everyone seems to be talking about how rattled her campaign group is over the recent turn in events.

Take the recently conlcuded NH Democratic debates as an example - with Obama and Edwards engagining in what's quickly becoming every candidates favorite game show, "Let's Gang Up on that Bitch Hillary" they clearly put the pressure on resulting in this rather nasty response from the former First Lady:

#3 - Hillary Clinton's Heated Response

I mean, wow, right?

I don't see how she expects this kind of approach to win over more votes from NH residents at a time like this. Everyone else is doing the warm and fuzzy routine with Obama leading the charge with this Hope for Change message of sorts. And she goes back to cite what was done before? Perhaps it's a logical argument but voters were trying to associate with her as a woman and not as the one who wears the pants in the Clinton household.

As much as I consider the name "Fox News" to be an oxymoron in itself, I have to admit this particular video was rather interesting:

#20 - News: Undecided Voters in New Hampshire

Sure, most of the time Fox News doesn't look for new to report in an objective manner - they're more likely to think of a particular angle or slant they want to report on and look for common citizens who will support that particular message. This group may have been selected precisely because of their strong Obama leanings to prove a point, but they do express some genuine sentiments that are out there.

Take a chill pill, Hillary! If you want to win this thing, you really ought to change your tune. You can attract more bees with honey after all.

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