Dec 6, 2007

[StumbleUpon] Lunchballz

Lunchballz: Eat yummy ballz!

The internet is a weird yet funny place, there's no questioning that. While the most visible signs of entertainment tend to lie within the world of viral video, there are still a large number of weird sites that exist simply to amuse.

Thus this weird discovery I found via StumbleUpon (then again, there's a lot of unusual stuff that people mark as Stumble-worthy, Period) that had me laughing for a fair amount of time.

May I present to you, LUNCHBALLZ, America's Premier Ball-Shaped Product! Man, this was so worth a domain.

Of course I can't help but remember the local restaurant Cafe Bola, which does in fact serve various ground meats in ball form. I never did get the concept - and this is coming from a gay geek! LOL!

Don't you just love the creativity that the internet brings to life?

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