Dec 24, 2007

[Holidays] Merry Christmas Everyone!

Flickr: Toni Blay - Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
by Toni Blay.

I'm going to be out visiting my family this holiday season, so allow me the pleasure of posting this greeting a little early.

Merry Christmas to all you geeks out there and regardless of your beliefs about this particular holiday, I hope you find reasons to smile and be happy during this time. There's a lot more to this holiday than the Christian religious associations or the commercial stereotypes we've all come to know due to media indoctrination. This is a time of joy, a time to celebrate the better side of human virtues and values like kindness, generosity and love.

Best of wishes from the Geeky Guide to you and to all those you love!


  1. just sending a warm (and fuzzy) christmas greeting to one of my most loved friend. :-)

    from your friendly neighborhood nurse,
    ruff. :-)

  2. @Ruff:

    Aww, I'm honored you consider me a friend. I do hope to meet you someday soon.


    And a Geek Christmas to you too! =D

  3. Have a geeky Christmas and New Year