Nov 8, 2007

[Security] Web security service for PS3

Together with the release of firmware version 2.0 of PLAYSTATION 3 is a new Web security service by Trend Micro. Called Trend Micro Web Security for PS3, it is a URL filtering and Web reputation service designed to protect the PS3 user from malicious and inappropriate Web content. In a sense, the service serves as a gatekeeper, checking a Web site or URL and blocks those that it deems malicious or fraudulent.

And it's free. Until April 30, 2008, that is. To activate the service, at the PS3 home, launch Internet Browser. Select Tools, then at Browser Security select "Start Trend Micro Web Security for PS3."

While there is no malware threat that is specific for PS3, fraudulent sites are everywhere, and it pays to have some knowledge and a free security service.

For Trend Micro, this is a strategic move. In Japan, people are spending more on high-tech devices (like game consoles) than PCs, so there is already a market for their product. Too bad PS3 still lags behind the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.

[Trend Micro Press Release]

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