Nov 29, 2007

[Metro] Why Does Makati Flood So Easily?

Flickr: sobergeorge - flood10110709
by sobergeorge.

It rained early this morning before the end of my shift. As is always the way with any prolonged period of rain, Makati started to flood.

You know what I mean - the areas around Buendia like all those side streets and such seem to be designed to sit lower than the rest of the area and thus naturally collect water. The build-up of rainwater eventually spreads, affecting all other adjacent areas until the murky water already makes traversing nearby streets like Pasong Tamo next to impassable on foot.

If Makati is meant to be the premiere center of business and commerce in the city, the supposed financial capital of the country based on the labels of some, then why cant we even get the water to drain off as its supposed to? What's wrong with you Makati? This is getting embarrassing!

The flooding is worst starting on the side of South Super where the trains pass - the place instantly turns into a swimming pool of filth after an hour of so of steady rain. Despite how grand we claim the city to be, at the end of the day stupid city problems like this just go on further to highlight how third world we can be at times.

It's not like the entire greater Metro Manila area is affected by the same issues! There are just key areas of Makati - surrounding a National Road no less - that just can't seem to get their act together. Just add a little water then *poof* - fetid-smelling swimming pool!

My only consolation was that I was on my way home when the flooding was getting bad and not on my wait to work. My trek down the streets had my slacks drinking up rain water as I trudged through the steady rain, adding to my misery and discomfort. Oh joy.

Why don't you do something about this, Makati? Why can't you solve this stupid problem that's been going on for years! This isn't about jurisdiction over Buendia - this is about addressing the basic needs of those who live in the flooded areas, those citizens whose houses and condominiums turn into islands amidst the flood waters time and time again.

Want to prove you're really all that Makati? Then fix the flooding issue around Buendia!

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