Nov 8, 2007

[Health] Reversing Circumcision

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Circumcision has always been a rather iffy subject. Some religions advocate it while others don't really care. Many argue the medical benefits of the procedure while others lament the side-effects. While it's hard to say whether it is right or wrong in itself, it seems there is a shift in the tides of opinion when it comes to how many folks, especially Americans, are thinking about whether or not to cut.

There's a growing movement against the procedure now, stating that it's along the lines of genital mutilation and the procedure leaves boys physically scarred and sexually disadvantaged. But that's not the clincher here - re-read the title of this post and think about it.

Recent news states that there's now a growing number of men who are "uncircumcising" themselves through the use of medical devices. Apparently once can buy these sorts of things online like the TLC Tugger and Tug Ahoy which pretty much hold your extra skin in place until it grow over the head of your penis. Voila! Instant foreskin!

The biggest argument for restoring foreskin seems to be centered around how sensitive the male penis is when uncircumcised as opposed to those without foreskin. Many claim there's a significant lack of sensitivity when you've been circumcised and this leads to impaired sexual performance and loss of sensation, well, down there.

However the basic hygenic arguments around circumcision can't be immediately ignored either. Circumcision helps reduce the risk of infection and a whole host of STDs brought on by how waste material tends to collect within the foreskin. With majority of the men in the world remain uncircumcised, it seems they're still alive for now. Normally reports citce how circumcision is uncommong outside the US especially in Europe and Asia, the Philippines is a heavy practioner of circumcision given the highly influential Catholic presence in the country.

I wonder if uncircumcision will evenr catch on here. We have a history of tryig to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to the US and we tend to look to them for guidance, whether I like this fact or not. Still, as one of the 25 or percent of the global male population who have been circumcised, I'm not necesssarily complaining just yet.


  1. Well circumcise or not I don't really care about it though I do agree that uncircumcised penises tend to be more sensitive. And when they erect the head goes out from the foreskin anyway

  2. true enough, i suppose. still, it's definitely not something worth fighting about or even filing lawsuits for.

    sounds silly, but it happens.

  3. well the foreskin itself has over 20,000 nerve endings. so even if you can grow the skin back over the head of the penis, thats not going to get back the nerve-endings that are permanently severed.

    i think everyone deserves the right to have an intact body. if he feels he is too lazy to pull back some skin when he showers, than he can sign himself up for penis surgery on his own terms.

    now that we know its not medically NECESSARY, we shouldn't even be asking parents at all... we know better than that by now.

  4. well, the people who do perform the operation insist on a significant increase in sensitivity, which is interesting since it has them claiming then that the nerves have been restored somehow.

    just stop suing your parents about it! haha

    but yes, in the end the question of choice should be left to the individual. to each his own and all that.

  5. people who restore their foreskin, which generally means they tape and hang weights that pulls and stretches the skin which enables it to recover the head after many months, even years.

    however, this doesn't restore nerve endings, but it does allow the head of the penis to become re-adapted to a less abrasive environment. it once again is allowed to become the internal organ that it was intended to be.. and many men who have restored claim that it regains a LOT of sensitivity.

    all the foreskin that was cut off, they never get that back, or any of the nerve endings removed.. but the head of the penis is able to become more sensitive again, and thats what people refer to as being "more sensitive" after a restoration.