Nov 13, 2007

[Google] Google: Onward, world domination!

I think Google really has a world domination plan hidden somewhere in its Googleplex.

First, The Guardian reports that Google and Pop Idol's Simon Fuller are in secret talks. Now, no details are divulged, but conjectures are flying on the deal, like Google is about to take on TV broadcasters with original content shown on YouTube, with ads, of course. People watch TV shows online anyway, so I think this is a good idea for Google to invest in. Google to become a broadcaster? Well, if Google acquires a major TV network....

Second, to jumpstart the budding Google juggernaut called Android, Google has launched a US$10 million Android Developer Challenge. In time with the release of the Android SDK (which you can download here), the challenge calls for developers to build mobile apps based on Android. Google is hoping that when Android-powered phones roll out next year, there will be enough third-party mobile apps for users to choose from.

Hmm. I suggest antivirus vendors should begin developing solutions for Android. With such an open system, malware authors may want to target Android, specially when they can get money from such a venture. Symantec Security Response Weblog already has a cautionary look at Android's security.

And lastly, and the most ambitious (if true). There is a rumor of Google acquiring Sprint. In a certain standpoint, this action makes sense, when you factor in Android and the Open Handset Alliance. Too bad Sprint is a CDMA telco. Just the same, if this rumor is true and it has come to fruition, isn't that scary?

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