Oct 4, 2007

[Web] Changes to PayPal Philippines

My PayPal Account

Some time back I signed the petition for PayPal for the Philippines, a movement devoted to getting Filipinos the full benefits of PayPal's services.

Some headway was made late last year with the activation of Philippine accounts but strictly for sending funds or making online payments with a registered credit card. That was cool but of course what more people were looking for was the ability to receive funds in the form of payments and donations given how lucrative our overseas remittance market is here in the country.

Recently I signed up for PayPal and started twiddling with my account when I noticed that it now allows for payments to received, albeit to be credited only to the registered credit card or debit card on the account. Naturally, I went on a bit further to explore the service and paid the $1.50 fee for expanded use for my Personal account, hence the above screenshot.

You'll now see a "Donate" button as part of my sidebar under "Support the Geeky Guide!" just as an experiment to see if it'll get anywhere. Of course I'm only limited to 5 transactions per month in terms of receiving payments given I didn't opt for a Premier account, and I'm undecided if I need to just yet. Of course if you use Skype for sending your PayPal payments, I'm allowed an unlimited number of transactions of that nature. Go figure.

So for all you PayPal fanatics here in the Philippines, it's about time you checked out the site to see if the current services already meet your needs. I'm sure that supporting the site now will lead to more options being available in the future, such as the much-vaunted feature of being able to register a bank account instead of just a credit or debit card.

Cross your fingers now.


  1. Atlast nasa Pinas na ang Paypal! That was sooo looong overdue!!!

    How many times have I been scammed on Ebay and Ebay refused to reimburse my payment because they only cover Paypal-mediated-transactions. Darn, atleast it's time. =)

  2. I'm pretty happy about it too. I was hoping that Google Checkout would have taken this as an opportunity to sieze an advantage, but sadly that didnt happen.