Oct 22, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] The Return of Oboids


By the time the original review for 'Kwir 'A-thE-ist (then oboids.com), the blog soon disappeared and we were left with a horribly garish "Account Suspended" message.

Thankfully, shortly after I posted the Where Are They Now? feature, Oboids started to make himself felt once more. First he announced on MyBlogLog that he was involved in a new blog entitled The Bhloom Project.

Eventully, he made the announcement we've all been waiting for - the return of his blog. After a change of domain hosts and even a change in URL, he's finally settled down as simply Oboids™ (http://oboids.net/). The blog still features a lot of great queer comic goodness for everone to enjoy so make sure to update your bookmarks, favorites and RSS readers with the new location of this fun and quirky blog.


  1. Thanks for this post dude. :p I sure do appreciate it. I am so happy to be back and thank you so much for the really warm welcome! Salamat po talaga! Whew! Oh yeah I voted your blog in G-Spot. :p

  2. My pleasure! A lot of people were asking about what happened to your blog so as soon as you were officially back up with your new domain, it seemed only right to send a shout out, hehe'

    Thanks for your vote!