Oct 9, 2007

[Philippines] And Now It's Cory's Turn

First came the Desperate Housewives Debacle, and despite ABC's apology, there are a fair number of angry people out there.

So I suppose this video didn't exactly come at a good time...

Cory Aquino abused on The Daily Show

Okay, so I admit I found the Desperate Housewives line a bit racist. Yes it was said so matter-of-factly that it felt insulting for our medical practitioners to be slighted in that way. However this was completely different - this was done in the context of political satire and parody! And if you watch the whole segment, you'll see that Cory Aquino wasn't being singled out - she was right up there with Margaret Thatcher for pete's sake! Their heads were attached to the heads of the characters of Sex and the City.

Perhaps I'm being hypocritical, but that's how I see things. This is definitely a case of us being hyper-sensitive about perceived racism. I hope that the producers of the Daily Show stick to their guns and don't give in to the demands of political personalities here trying to get media coverage.

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