Oct 26, 2007

[NWA] New Worlds 5 Tomorrow!

New Worlds 5

Tomorrow, October 20, 2007, is the big day, ladies and gentlemen. It's finally time for New Worlds 5, the Philippines' biggest Science Fiction and Fantasy event for the year! Despite recent troubles and fears, the NWA has decided to push through with the event to show everyone the strength of our beliefs and our faith in a better world for all of us.

It'll be at the Glorietta Activity Center all of Saturday so feel free to drop by and geek out for a day for your favorite fandoms! Whether it's a movie you saw as a kid, a book you read in college or a TV show you've gotten into recently, I'm sure that as long as they push the limits of the imagination, you'll find something you'll like at the event.

Here's a list of the participating groups and those who will be unable to attend this time around:

Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers (AEGIS)
Anne Rice Philippines
Arkham Philippines
Pinoy Harry Potter
Via Astris - The Star Trek Club of the Philippines
Star Wars Philippines
Science Fiction Philippines
Cyberton PH
Philippine Highlander Society
Supernatural PH
Heroes Philippines
Lost in the Philippines

Guest Groups:
Black Pearl Philippines
Talecraft Community
Thought Factory

The following groups are not participating in New Worlds 5:
Battlestar Galactica Philippines
The Philippine Order of Narnians
The Philippine Tolkien Society

See you there!


  1. That is so nice! ANyway, hope I can also meet you when I am in Manila soon!

  2. I definitely hope to meet you soon as well!