Sep 22, 2007

[Web] MyBlogLog Yahoo ID Integration

Despite the fact that the actual purchase of blog-centric social network MyBlogLog by Yahoo feels like ages ago, it's only this week that the site started accepting Yahoo IDs for logging into the site. Similar to how Flickr was previously integrated into the Yahoo network some time back, the process appears to be allowing folks to associate their existing MyBlogLog details with their Yahoo profiles.

Thus far the process seems largely seamless and I was able to get things merged without issue, although some have reported occasional complications and irritations like having your Yahoo Avatar as your default avatar in MyBlogLog. I think it depends on how you manage their integration wizard, which gives you the option to re-submit data such as your location or to just pull your existing data from your previous MyBlogLog account - this will require you to sign in one last time with your old credentials.

While it's nice to have one less password to remember, it's somewhat sad to see our garishly green friend become yet another Yahoo service among many. I doubt most users will mind the change, but of course there will be those independents who will chafe against this integration and call for the previous state of semi-autonomy from the Yahoo network.

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