Sep 1, 2007

[Geeky Guide] One Year of Geekyness!

Flickr - CraftyGuy - Birthday Cake Lit

Wow. I can't believe that I've been so busy this week that I almost forgot what today is. On September 1, 2006, which is one year ago, the Geeky Guide first went into alpha testing. This is just about as close as I'll get to a clear anniversary date.

Just going over the alpha entries, which refer to those entries in the first week of the Geeky Guide before I started advertising it and seriously working on it, seem to talk about the development of an entirely different blog. Still, after all the hard work put into the Geeky Guide by me and the rest of the Geeky Crew, I'm more than proud with how far we've come in this time.

There are still a number of ideas I have for the Guide as we continue to move forward, plans within plans like wheels within wheels. I feel that the site is really beginning to gather momentum and with the addition of more Geeky contributors, this truly will become more of a guide for "Nearly Everything".

My eternal gratitude to those who have remained loyal to the Guide over the past 12 months - while I know we're not as regular as we'd like to be, we certainly appreciate the time you take to read the entries and comment on some of them. Never hesitate to provide feedback since of course the success and pretty much the direction of this blog is majorly driven by the readers and not just the content providers alone.

Happy Birthday, Geeky Guide!

Photo linked from CraftyGuy's photostream.


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

    There's gonna be more to come :)

  2. Many thanks Q! I can't help but agree with you - especially considering you'll be helping, haha.


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Long live the Geeky Guide! I'll forever be your biggest fan.

  4. awww, thanks Misterhubs! It's nice to have you in our corner.


  5. Gah. Don't remind me... I'm so busy I can't even post in my own blog O_o

    When sembreak starts though... I could flood your blog and make it just a comics blog. Wahahahaha. Kidding. I promise to be nice. :)

  6. congrats to your one year in cyberspace! and more to come... do update us with any robot conventions :)

  7. Thanks Josh! I certainly will - there's a big convention in October that you might be interested in...