Aug 21, 2007

[World Domination] Adobe doesn't heart open source

Well, it seems that Adobe doesn't heart open source.

In a blog post, a senior Adobe executive has hinted on most Adobe products staying proprietary and at the same time hitting on open-source alternatives on the company's products.

Money quote:

And obviously, I have thought about whether open source has a place in Adobe's creative products strategy. But what designers need is tightly-integrated workflows and high reliability right out of the box so the really important question to ask is what's the impact to the user. Yes, clearly it's cheaper, but does it really save money in the end?
Don't get me wrong, open source software can be a perfect solution. It's just not right for everything. Or for everyone - like many creative professionals who are on deadline and prefer to innovate vs. integrate.

And yes, the blog post smacks of marketing, using a customer as case study.

So open-source and free software users should stick with Gimp. But don't tell the Adobe executive he has not warned you.

(Via CNet)

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