Aug 23, 2007

[TV] Heroes Season 2 Special Promo

Are you as excited about the second season of Heroes as I am? Oh come on, admit it!

This promo piece is now making its way around the blogosphere and of course on the Viral Video Chart and man oh man it makes me wish it was September already...

#10 - Heroes Season 2 Special Promo


  1. Don't complain, in australia we'll probably have to wait even longer.
    Thank god for illegal downloads!!

  2. haha, I know the feeling. I am from the Philippines after all.

    whatever would we do without torrenting? =P

  3. Can't wait! Season 1 is just starting here in Norwegian TV, but I've seen it alreayd, thanks to torrents! Will begin dl'ing season 2 when the show starts! :)

  4. It is such a well-crafted teaser promo.

    My uTorrent executable is ready to engage, haha.

    The joys of piracy.