Aug 14, 2007

[Movies] Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3I've been a major Spider-Man fan for most of my life - the only thing that made me pause in my dedication was the dreaded Clone Saga and, sadly, this movie.

This third installment went all out in throwing in concepts from the original series that are sure to excite any fan like (1) Venom, (2) Gwen Stacey and even (3) The Sandman, if only to act as a very remote precursor to one day using the Sinister Six. With so many major iconic Spider-Man elements all together in one film, this sequel had the potential to be very, very good or very, very bad. Guess where this one ended up?

With so many major plot threads involved, the movie's story became very muddy, in my opinion. Instead of adding more depth to the characters or further exploring the nuances of the diverse plot elements, the producers gave the movie too much fluff and annoying dance numbers to boot. Oh yes, almost every major character in this movie has to dance. *shudders*

While as a fan, I've learned to give some leeway to Hollywood when it comes to these silver screen adaptations since they will always feel the need to tinker with what we would normally consider to be comic book canon. I can forgive things here or there, but the virtual rape of the Spider-Man universe in this movie is just shocking that I am left at a total loss for words.

So many parts and events in the movie make me go "...but she never..." and "...but that wasn't how it happened..." and even "...but...but...that is just stupid!" It's one thing to update the story to make it more presentable within a two-hour timespan. It's another thing to put all the pieces together, run it through a blender and hope what comes out is amazing.

Special effects were good, at least and there are a number of good fight sequences but beyond that the movie is a struggle to finish and painful to experience if you're a fan. The Fantastic Four sequel was better than this, and that's saying a lot already.


  1. My brain cells died a million deaths watching this crap. There were so many plot holes and duh moments like: Why did the butler only reveal to Harry at the end that Spiderman didn't kill his father? This movie is to the Spiderman franchise as what Batman & Robin was to the Batman franchise.

  2. I still believe that Harry and Peter had a gay relationship! Hah! They had more online chemistry then him and that mary-jane hoe.

  3. @Misterhubs

    I couldn't agree more! I feel so bad they had some of the best story arcs in the Spider-Man universe and they screwed everything up.


    LOL, I cannot agree more! There were all those lingering looks, the touching here and there. They should have had a dance number together!