Jul 15, 2007

[Metro] New Worlds: Transformed - Day 6

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I would have posted this sooner had I not been without sleep for more than 24 hours, haha. Darn, there goes my perfect posting record for LJ, hehe.

I finally got the chance to attend the New Worlds: Transformed event over at the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell, Makati yesterday and it was a blast! It was my first time to attend a seriously large science fiction / fantasy event and the geeky fanboy in me clearly jumped for joy upon entering the exhibit area.

Saturday was a great day to go since everyone was really getting into the spirit of things by coming in costume. You won't believe the number of times friends were asking me why I wasn't in costume only to realize a few moments afterward that I didn't have any...at least not yet. =P

My thanks to everyone for being so nice and putting their best foot forward for the event. It kinda blows my mind to think that this isn't even the full, official convention the group is supposed to have yearly! I can't wait!

Thus this ultimately begs the question...any Dune fans out there? =D


  1. Darn, is this a one-day-affair only??? So when is the next galactic gathering...???

  2. eerrr, sorry Day 6 na pala (geeky me, hehehe) So until when is dis convention again? tnx

    Guess i better read all ur entries first...

  3. No prob, Josh. =D

    It ran from July 9-15 at the Power Plant Mall at Rockwell. This was actually a smaller event - the big convention will happen later in the year around October.

    You can keep updated by visiting http://newworlds.ph

  4. Ohh dat will be great, a pre Xmas event!

    tnx for d neworlds site, but i do hope u can leave me a note on this major conventions, specially of mecha robots! :-)

    My all time fave mecha is Danguard Ace (is der any available video of which i can watch? also of Mazinger Z???) domo arigatu gozaimasu!

  5. I'll definitely be posting updates about the con here on the Geeky Guide, so stay tuned.

    Danguard Ace was fun! You can try all the major anime shops in the Metro, I'm sure some of them will have the videos you want - or you can try downloading them.