Jul 17, 2007

[GeekyCast] Friends from the Blogosphere

No, you're not seeing double.

This is indeed what appears t be a second GeekyCast for the day. In fact, it is a new one for today as opposed to the last one, which was an update for yesterday that got delayed.

Anyway, today I talk about friends I've made through the blogosphere, in particular because of The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything and Pinoy Gay Blogs.

Curious to know if you were mentioned? Well then, you'll need to listen, haha.


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  1. Hey rOcky, thanks for the shout-out. Smart and charming.. yup, that's a pretty good description of me. (So, how much do I owe you? Hehe. Kidding).

    GeekyGuide Fan Club President

  2. I'll send you the bill, haha. In fact, I should charge for royalties in order for you to be the official GeekyCast Fan Club (as compared to all those "illegal" fan clubs out there.

    We can negotiate all this over coffee, or dinner, or...

  3. Rocky, I like hearing you say "Bakla ako..." Its so... cute and callcenterish :D

    Thanks for the shoutout. *back to studying*

  4. Hey Q,

    It's not just call centerish - I doubt I'll ever get over my issues with Filipino. It's a life long curse.

    Good luck with your academics! Wahaha

  5. @rocky - True, true, I have the same problem with written Filipino. Grammar gets all skewed up. Especially when trying to understand one of Ramon V. Sunico's poems :P Hehehe.