Jul 20, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Welcome Richie!

In line with the on-going call for bloggers to join the Geeky Guide, it is my pleasure to announce a new addition to the team.

Richie has been predominantly a friend of mine from LiveJournal much like Arbet, although we can probably trace back to my (*gasp*) mIRC days.

Richie, a fellow friend from the New Worlds Alliance, will be contributing his insights on music, anime although more specifically mecha and other things of geeky interest. He should start posting by next week as soon as we fully resolve his access rights via Blogger.

I'm in talks with a few more bloggers and will be announcing them as well as soon as we work out the kinks in all this.

So let's all welcome Richie to the Geeky Crew!

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